A Holistic Cooperative

Pura Vida Healthcare is home to 8 holistic practitioners offering healing through naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, cranio sacral therapy, massage and energy medicine, holistic counseling, energy kinesiology, and hypnotherapy.  Clients have the opportunity to work with as many of our practitioners as they would like, whose work often compliments each other's.  By addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels of what makes a person healthy, Pura Vida Healthcare helps clients acheive their highest vitality.  


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"In curing, we are trying to get somewhere, we are looking for answers. In curing, our efforts are specifically designed to make something happen. In healing, we live questions instead of answers. We hang out in the unknown. We trust the emergence of whatever will be. We trust the insight will come. The challenge in medicine is not the choice between one and the other. We need both."
-Dr. Paul Epstein, ND



What's new at Pura Vida?

Meet our two new practitioners, Corey Benzinger, Energy Kinesiologist and Kasey Ford, Hypnotherapist!

Experience the detoxing and healing effects of our new Infrared Sauna for free!!!

We now offer injections of glutathione, B12, and B6 as nutritional and detoxing support.  

Purchase supplements directly through our supplier to ship directly to your home through our online store.