A Holistic Cooperative

Pura Vida Healthcare is home to 8 holistic practitioners offering healing through naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, cranio sacral therapy, massage and energy medicine, holistic counseling, energy kinesiology, and hypnosis.  Clients have the opportunity to work with as many of our practitioners as they would like, whose work often compliments each other's.  By addressing the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels of what makes a person healthy, Pura Vida Healthcare helps clients acheive their highest vitality.  


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ANY INDIVIDUAL who is an established client with one of our practitioners will recieve a discount on their initial visit with another Pura Vida Healthcare provider.

20% of your initial visit fee:

Jordan Wildman, MS, LPC (Holistic Counseling/Neurofeedback)
Nicola St. Mary, ND  (Naturopathic Medicine)
Rikki Gensheer. LAc (Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine)
Sheryl McGourty, AHP (Ayurvedic Medicine)

10% of your first visit:

DeVere Gamble, LMT (Massage, Cranio-sacral and Raindrop Therapy)
Kasey Ford  (Hypnosis)
Corey Benziger, MSW, RN (Energy Kinesiology)
MaryAnne Olszewski, Dipl ABT (Massage, Bodywork and Energy Work)

Refer a new patient to Pura Vida
It is the highest compliment when you refer your friends and family to us.  We want to thank you by offering a 20% discount off your next visit with the practitioner that you referred to!


Try our Infrared Sauna Free!  

Schedule a Sauna Session with an existing appointment for only $10.
Monthly unlimited sauna pass only $125

*Upcoming Workshops*

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Experience the detoxing and healing effects of our new Infrared Sauna for free on your first visit!!!  

We now offer Vitamin Injections of glutathione, B12, and B6 as nutritional and detoxing support.  

Purchase supplements directly through our supplier to ship directly to your home through our online store.
Raindrop Therapy with DeVere Gamble.  A powerful tool for aligning the spine, boosting immunity, and relaxing the nervous system.